Children: The Silent Killer of the Pandemic

Now, I know, this seems like an absurd assumption to make. And it is. I intend to prove that (even very simple) data can make the most strange and illogical arguments seem far more credible.

As we all know, Covid in the US is pretty bad. I looked at the CDC’s data and made this map that shows the total number of cases, just to really illustrate how bad Corona is, if you needed another reminder.

Now, this is where data comes in. Like most people, I wondered, where did all of this come from? How did it all happen? Well, it was children. Don’t believe me yet? I have the data to back it up.

Firstly, we make the (very logical) connection that the pandemic was a big stressor for parents.

Stress level is measured on a scale of 1–10, 10 being the most stressed. This study reported that on average, adults without children had a stress level of 5.5 during the pandemic while the average among adults with children was 6.7.

Additionally, in a survey, 63% of parents said the pandemic made the 2019–2020 school year stressful.

It was much more common of parents that had children ages 8–12 to say that the pandemic made the 2019–2020 school year stressful, 76% said it was.

So, children are stressing out their parents even more so than usual. What does this have to do with them giving everyone Covid? Well, I’m glad you asked.

The next link is the use of alcohol among parents. Naturally, when parents get stressed they drink alcohol. This is especially true during Covid. When not only parents, but people in general, began drinking more.

The evidence is in the data. One example of this is illustrated by Vivino, an online wine store. Vivino reported a 300% sales growth from 2019–2020. In case you aren’t aware of how big of a spike that it is, here’s a visual of it for you:

A visual representation of 300% maybe not needed but just look at how huge the spike is!

Participants of this study were asked if their drinking has increased, decreased, or not changed since Covid-19:

Now, if whoever you’re trying to prove this point to still doesn’t see it, we have the help of Claire Nicogossian, a clinical psychologist, who says that “Parents, in particular, may also be at high risk for excessive alcohol consumption due to the new demands presented by the pandemic.

So parents, and everybody in general, is drinking. Still, how is this the fault of children? Well..

To everyone that says drinking alcohol will kill the Corona virus: you couldn’t be more wrong! In fact, researchers have found that excessive drinking (which the children caused!!!) has led to the spread of Covid.

To really break it down: at gatherings where alcohol is present, people are more likely to test positive for Covid-19.

Lets use Thanksgiving, a holiday that usually entails gathering of people, (and alcohol, wink wink!) as an example. Thanksgiving 2020 brought a significant spike in US Corona cases. Data from Covid Tracking helped me illustrate just how significant the rise in cases were:

So, it’s clear, people are drinking and attending gatherings with other people which leads to the spread of Covid.

To summarize:

Kids stress out their parents, stressed parents start drinking with their friends, and the gatherings lead to a huge spike in Covid cases.

Thanks a lot kids.

Now, I know these links are far fetched, but this shows us how data can help “prove” baseless arguments. That sure was a lot of evidence I presented just now, wasn’t it?